The Agency was created in 1990 with for first vocation to cover the conflicting events connected in the Eastern European countries.

In September, 2000, the Festival of the photojournalism Aimed for the famous Image on the 10 years of the Agency.

Several times rewarded by prestigious prices of World Press, we are attached to our independence in front of the globalization of the photography or each can realize an image and pass on it immediately on internet.

WOSTOK chose to work on economic, political, social and religious subjects and to illustrate the everyday life with photographers based all over the world, who thanks to the new technologies, bring an independent glance on the real-time current events.

The Agency is recognized by the French Federation of News agencies (FFAP) and by the Joint commission of the Publications of the News agency (CCAP).

Our images intended for the professional press are sold online on the digital server of MAXPPP and of Pixpalace.